Bathroom vanity

In the list of projects I am brainstorming, an overhaul of the bathroom is somewhere up top in terms of planning, with target execution around springtime. I have a LOT (~100) of images saved as inspirations, and I am not yet clear where it will all end up… but I have a pretty decent idea of where I am headed. Some thing light, contemporary, with a modern twist but also a few “old school” touches like marble, polished chrome…

Looking online at vanities, a few adorable options.

mv1000l MV1000Lf mv400130blk tg718536a


Probably my favourite by price/design/size: ($500!)

yt-9025a--1 yt-9025a-1


Anyway, others:

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 11.25.50 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 11.26.30 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 11.26.57 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 11.27.28 PM


Shopping HomeSense

Until I actually finish with the bigger purchases/projects the best way to satisfy the desire for new and shiny! is by taking photos of the things I loved. Let’s check out a recent trip to Home Sense, where even though I was looking for a mirror for my hallway/table for my hallway/dresser if I get lucky.

Pretty dishes:


My current dishes are back! I was thinking if I need to fill out my set. Probably not really.


I like the shiny:



And the (fake) greens that looked very realistic. I need something green in my place:


Pretty boxes (that I don’t need but I loved the houndstooth pattern): IMG_6107-2

Lovely mirror for future bath reno?



I have these in orange/yellow! funny. (mine are from the Wales HomeSense. Global economy for the win):


I don’t need it but loved the glossy color:



Nice pillows:


I always wanted a pouf like that, but (1) color is wrong for my place and (2) I don’t NEED more chairs. I have 11 chairs in my apartment. And a sofa:


And then I drooled over all of these GORGEOUS and entirely out of budget lamps:

Ralph Lauren:





Not sure:



I can see that I want crystal lamps for the bedroom. I am not sure how good of an idea that is – I’m clumsy and could easily knock them over and good bye investment. Sigh. But they are so pretty!


Good looking dressers

I am day dreaming/planning to get a dresser for the bedroom. The target one is around 60-70 inches long. Here are the ones I liked so far from “popular” stores:

West Elm, Nailhead Leather Drawer – ~$1200 CAD (ouch)

(but so pretty)


Technically a sideboard, but I think it could work too. Bristol sideboard from Structube, $850 CAD


My favourite-favourite so far, because 9 drawers are AWESOME. Structube, Portico chest for $950 CAD



And finally an easy and also a pretty option from CB2, Latitude dresser in oat grey, $500 CADlatitude-oat-low-dresser



Stalking Kijiji/craigslist for interesting options hasn’t resulted in anything yet. Oh well – for a purchase this big there’s a bit of time to think and consider :-)


Kijiji mirrors – October 5

I’m look at mirrors on Kijiji. I need a mirror for the hallway:



The dimensions I am working with are 37″ wide, and I have 8″ of depth in case I find a good shelf/stand/something for the bottom.


$(KGrHqFHJB8FI-b(Du!7BSUBbgwuIg~~48_20Too ornate…




I love the shape, but it’s 46″ wide – too big. Maybe somewhere else in the condo? Over bed? Too much




$25, simple shape but not boring, 27″ wide


$59, 23 inches wide (so a bit small..) but I LOVE the shape/oddness.



$70, 36″ wide, and pretty damn awesome.


$34, 24″ wide. I like the shape but not the finish. (But that’s easily fixed)


$50. Kooky. Possibly TOO old school for an 80s condo.


$50, 34″ wide – pretty damn spectacular shape/finish but I’m not sure if its too much with my already odd mix.

Let’s check out some hallway and mirror images from my inspiration folder:

melanieturnerinteriors19 CMD_8Edgar_0516_NoHorses CMD_8Edgar_0555 4645335_orig 6749260_orig adfl13 ix-dc1 samanthalyman5



The move!

You guys! I am downtown girl for real now.



This was shot on the first day/arrival back to my condo. I think I was headed to some work meeting thus the formal outfit surrounded by the mess of things.

The empty condo was clean and lovely:

DSC_8776 DSC_8767 DSC_8764





The bedroom feature wall needed to be repainted before we could put the now dark purple bed in. That took 3 coats of primer:




And on Friday, after a very amazing morning from work perspective, we packed up the uHaul:

This is happening!!!! Yay!!

(that took 2 hours). A short trip downtown and 1.5 hours later we had the apartment loaded of things:



After an unfortunate incident where the couch screws weren’t packed with, the energy was focussed towards arranging the kitchen (thank you Maha!), putting the bed together (thank you dad and Tom!) and ensuring that all the  misc stuff like shower curtains, food, drink, clothes arein the closet, and so on – is done (thank you mom!).

DSC_8796 DSC_8800


After most people left because they have things like 9am fitness classes they teach (seriously, impressive), I celebrated:



Because my place looks awesome.

DSC_8818(even if the couch isn’t together)

In the morning, my favourite view of the new-old sideboard, new-old lamps, and new-old chairs. The sideboard refinishing will be shared separately :-)



Ah, the chairs are missing seats. And couch isn’t together. But today is so glorious that I spent 10 minutes dancing around the room because… home, sweet, home.



AV Home Automation

Did you know that it is ridiculously complicated? It is.

In my condo I have 3 generic zones:

  1. Living / kitchen area
  2. Bedroom
  3. Bathroom

My goal is to have speakers in each area, all playing one source, but all with a separate volume control. iPhone app is pretty much a must. Source of music is iTunes (playlists, play counts), whatever way that’s possible.

I’m not looking at automatic lights, or anything like that yet – but if I am building it all out, who knows, maybe I will.

I started research and.. oh em gee. Here’s what this looks like for now?

TV area: separate speaker bar type set-up.

AV house: a receiver connected off my iMac, with wireless/wired speakers going to each zone. The receiver ideally will have the zone-volume thing enabled.




Toronto Craigslist Report – Tuesday Oct 1

Nothing too amazing to creep on today. Let’s roll:

End tables – $25

These feel a bit too chunky. But it’s a great price if you’re on a budget.

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 5.20.56 PM



Solid marble 51″ dining top

This has potential, especially if you could find a tulip base..



Wood Bar Cart (Buffalo) $150

This is super adorable and amazing. Check out how the middle shelf is actually a tray. Genuis and in an amazing condition.





Bar server (Rochester) – $350

This is way more expensive but another unique piece!



Cute orange stools -$98 each (Knock off industrial)




Modern Italian stools – $195

Slightly expensive but they do look “unique”, “designer”, while still being comfortable.




Chrome Lamp Bases – $150 for both

What a deal – these look like just the perfect amount of bling to any place. Throw in another $100 for shades and though expensive they will be a certain statement.


If I didn’t have my awesome Marble Lamps, I would totally consider these. (But I don’t like this design for the bedroom so alas, they stay behind for now)



That’s all for today!




First interview of the season was fun, and exhausting.

I wore a theory suit, naracamicie blouse, arrived 25 minutes early (had a coffee) and spend the evening browsing/shopping costco because it’s like a wonderland to me.

photo 2 photo 1

Costco was notable for a good selection of surround sound systems, appetizer things, and miscellaneous random organizers.


Toronto Craigslist Report – Saturday Sep 28 morning

So! Quick morning Craiglist stalking is showing a few small interesting things.


Marble Top Hall Console with matching mirror with bald eagle – $150

00o0o_TbtI0sjNuu_600x450 00S0S_7RFHlS0lWrT_600x450Look at that eagle. It’s so bad-ass. This mirror (the table I’m very meh on) has the potential to really shine, I think.

Side table/ Bedside table- solid wood – $80

00p0p_9bRdCXc4Drg_600x450$80 is a bit too much, but the turned legs o this are really pretty.


Small Vintage Teak Dresser – $175

00v0v_4RMJNkv8Fgy_600x450Pretty! Classy! Easy.


Mid-Century Brass Crane Statue Sculpture MOD – $25

00y0y_4hK7OOM0fuW_600x450I love thee, brass crane. 7 inches high, tall and adorable and all brassy and pretty. If I had a job (when I have a job) I’m totally getting a brass animal of some sort, ala Emily Henderson.





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