Kijiji mirrors – October 5

I’m look at mirrors on Kijiji. I need a mirror for the hallway:



The dimensions I am working with are 37″ wide, and I have 8″ of depth in case I find a good shelf/stand/something for the bottom.


$(KGrHqFHJB8FI-b(Du!7BSUBbgwuIg~~48_20Too ornate…




I love the shape, but it’s 46″ wide – too big. Maybe somewhere else in the condo? Over bed? Too much




$25, simple shape but not boring, 27″ wide


$59, 23 inches wide (so a bit small..) but I LOVE the shape/oddness.



$70, 36″ wide, and pretty damn awesome.


$34, 24″ wide. I like the shape but not the finish. (But that’s easily fixed)


$50. Kooky. Possibly TOO old school for an 80s condo.


$50, 34″ wide – pretty damn spectacular shape/finish but I’m not sure if its too much with my already odd mix.

Let’s check out some hallway and mirror images from my inspiration folder:

melanieturnerinteriors19 CMD_8Edgar_0516_NoHorses CMD_8Edgar_0555 4645335_orig 6749260_orig adfl13 ix-dc1 samanthalyman5


2 thoughts on “Kijiji mirrors – October 5”

  1. I just wanted to point out that i’m amazed at your excitement at the prospect of looking for a mirror on kijiji. Just the thought of it makes me a little nauseous. way to go!

    1. I gotta say I wish I had an easier way to share than a manual save/upload of images buuut for me it’s like fun shopping. Turn to me when you need a mirror! (Eg looking for a table for maha :-))

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