The move!

You guys! I am downtown girl for real now.



This was shot on the first day/arrival back to my condo. I think I was headed to some work meeting thus the formal outfit surrounded by the mess of things.

The empty condo was clean and lovely:

DSC_8776 DSC_8767 DSC_8764





The bedroom feature wall needed to be repainted before we could put the now dark purple bed in. That took 3 coats of primer:




And on Friday, after a very amazing morning from work perspective, we packed up the uHaul:

This is happening!!!! Yay!!

(that took 2 hours). A short trip downtown and 1.5 hours later we had the apartment loaded of things:



After an unfortunate incident where the couch screws weren’t packed with, the energy was focussed towards arranging the kitchen (thank you Maha!), putting the bed together (thank you dad and Tom!) and ensuring that all the  misc stuff like shower curtains, food, drink, clothes arein the closet, and so on – is done (thank you mom!).

DSC_8796 DSC_8800


After most people left because they have things like 9am fitness classes they teach (seriously, impressive), I celebrated:



Because my place looks awesome.

DSC_8818(even if the couch isn’t together)

In the morning, my favourite view of the new-old sideboard, new-old lamps, and new-old chairs. The sideboard refinishing will be shared separately :-)



Ah, the chairs are missing seats. And couch isn’t together. But today is so glorious that I spent 10 minutes dancing around the room because… home, sweet, home.


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